UNECE, United Nation Economic Commission for Europe, has drawn up a document for members , to promote the principles and guidelines for a healthy development of the real estate sector and to support and encourage economic growth.

The protocol POLICY FRAMEWORK FOR SUSTAINABLE REAL ESTATE MARKET is resulted from the confrontations of Unece with governments and the private Real Estate sector.

PEACE, JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTS, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND FUNDAMENTAL FREEDOMS are seen as a pre -conditions for economic and social development.
The application of the principles of UNECE Policy Framework should be based on CONCEPTS SHARED WORLDWIDE:

Sustainable development is defined as development that ” face the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”
Good governance that encourages decisions to protect the common good rather than the pursuit of individual interests
– The transparency in decision-making
– The responsibility of political actors
– The fairness in the application of laws
– The efficiency in resource use


The principles are:

1. Integrated regulatory framework
2 . Efficient Cadastre
3 . Effective Services
4 . Prerequisites for the development of a healthy real estate market
5 . Good Governance
6 . Sustainable Funding
7 . Transparent financial and advanced products
8 . Evaluation of assets
9 . Social housing
10 . Training and competence

The Policy Framework was presented in Italy in Rome on May 12th 2010 and in several other European countries.
Subsequently, it was felt that the time was ripe for an opening and it was decided to dedicate a space to the Framework’s presentation also at the world meeting RIO+ 20, so as to offer the opportunity to spread the benefits of these guidelines outside the European context .
– Today, therefore, the efforts are focused on extending the benefits of the Framework in Africa, Central America and South America, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific.
The basic idea is that the development of a sustainable market Real Estate can contribute effectively to sustainable global development .
– It is working also on the improvement of other important principles including:

1 ) GREENING THE REAL ESTATE MARKET ie tune to the needs of the market, attentive to a green vision of development.

A RE regulated market in a healthy manner and based on shared principles contained in the framework and in its future implementations , if it is geared to sustainable development it can make a decisive contribution to global sustainable development , and play a strategic role in the recovery.
The Future of RE also depends on us and on our ability to participate in the construction of new visions, scenarios and horizons.
Download the UNECE protocol Fiabci