Kateryna Pylypchuk – invited speaker at the networking event on May 6, 2019 – is a part of the team as head of strategic b2b communication of GREM Platform, proud FIABCI-UKRAINE member since many years, FIABCI International board member and Professional Division President.

GREM is the abbreviation of “Global Real Estate Market” – and it is service blockchain platform for the global real estate market professionals.

Here you may see the presentation of GREM.

GREM and FIABCI İNTERNATİONAL became the global partners for the next 3 years and the opportunities which arise from the platform for the global real estate market  players and FIABCI members are very exciting. Here you may see the video of GREM.

First of all – this is the new generation of online b2b services at the real estate market created on the unique blockchain core which allows GREM to be independent, transparent and safe for its users.

Secondly, GREM provides the range of possibilities for all sector members starting from the opportunity to scale your expertise to other markets and to get the new clients but not limited to fundraising and crowdfunding for the real estate development projects at any stage of its development.

Smart deals at the platform eliminate the bureaucracy and paper warfare for the investors, speed up the procedure of closing the deal, providing the best selected and rated experts as the validators even when the investment is not very high.

This all makes possible to work with the b2c investors at the brownfield stage of the project and make them interested to stay within GREM ecosystem until they will be ready to sell their “token” on the certain real estate development project to another buyer.

At the moment of the official launch of the project which was made at MIPIM in March 12 – GREM already had a trust from the community of the real estate experts from more than 40 countries and more than a half of them are FIABCI members, representing the biggest markets around the globe.

This collaboration is aimed to develop FIABCI community worldwide by supporting the organization of the educational meetups together with local FIABCI chapters and bringing at a glance the most trending #proptech topics as blockchain, smart deals, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.

All together, this will create the strong synergy for making your business more successful, closing the deals faster and scaling the value of your expertise globally.

We are at your disposal for the strategic collaboration and partnership.

You are welcome to register at http://GREM.capital and get your GREM VIP CARD which will allow you to be invited to other FIABCI&GREM events worldwide this year (Singapore, Guangzhou, Jakarta, Paris, New York, Dubai and other cities).

Looking forward to meet you on Monday, May 6, 2019 at FIABCI ITALY networking meeting.

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