Millions of people worldwide will need in next years affordable housing solutions in affordable cities as a result of the global urbanization trends.
The involvement of the private RE sector can contribute to meet the needs of   citizens, to improve the supply of affordable homes and to support the achievement of SDGs. The real estate private sector shall also support the achievement of planning provisions towards affordable and sustainable cities, as well as to stimulate the prosperity of national and urban economies.The RE Sector plays a relevant role in Countries economies where appropriately regulated RE markets can bring to economic growth and contribute to prosperity.
In the coming decades the majority of the RE industry will be strongly concerned with affordable housing. The private RE sector shall  promote  the cooperation with public bodies to improve the supply of sustainable and affordable housing for better cities.

Such cooperation can be implemented by updating the policy framework for Sustainable RE Markets, promoting tools to facilitate the contribution of Private RE Sector in developing Sustainable and Affordable Cities,   guidelines to promote the possibility of  Private RE Sector, with social responsibility, but inside the market laws, to meet the needs of affordable housing of  many million of people.

Please find attached the flyer.
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