Global Housing Foundation is dedicated to assisting the homeless in the world.

It is a non-profit organization, founded in 1999 by a joint initiative of FIABCI and UN, with the ambition to provide accommodation for homeless people in the world, combining the resources of the private and public sectors.

A real take-over, more complex than the mere search of a roof.

MANY PROJECTS have been developed for the construction of houses in Nicaragua, Honduras and Guyava and others are under consideration.


At the global level, in the latter part of the last century, it was the massive displacement of rural populations to urban areas. 40% of city dwellers in developing countries, millions of men, women and children who went to crowd the slums and shanties, or simply to sleep in the street .

The future of these desperate people is in the hands of public and private initiatives .


The foundation aims to raise funds which can be allocated for the construction of sustainable low cost housing, mainly intended for residents of developing countries completely poor.

The Foundation is committed to improve the inner-city slums and squatter settlements and that every new home involves a tenure security with property deed for the property.

This creates a successful environment in which new owners can enjoy the rights of private property and the Real Estate industry can demonstrate social responsibility towards the poors .


The construction of decent houses is an important step on the path of participatory democracy for developing countries and their inhabitants.

People once marginalized can create tangible and lasting ties with the mainstream society , resulting in a substantial reduction in rates of absolute poverty.

The foundation operates as an accelerating factor for local authorities, in order to work with the private sector in the public interest  and supports the integration of developing countries into the structures of the official market.


By engaging in cooperation with the local authorities, the GLOBAL HOUSING FOUNDATION participates in projects promoted by UNCHS and UNDP.

Construction projects that involve the direct participation of the beneficiaries, and that implement and enforce minimum standards for local housing .

The Foundation’s involvement also stimulates socio-economic development of the country, through the use of local raw materials, manpower and technology appropriate to the local context .

All GHF units are equipped with running water and electricity, and the new owners have a clear title to the property for a minimum of 160 square meters of land.

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