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Dear FIABCI Members,
Following the success of the FIABCI World Council of Managers series of webinars which were coordinated for specific German-speaking countries as well as North America and Canada, we will be scheduling a FIABCI World Council of Managers webinar shortly which will focus on “Residential Property Management: Principle Issues, Challenges and Solutions.” The webinar will be designed specifically for those FIABCI members who are located in southeastern Europe.
This FIABCI World Council of Managers webinar will be open to all FIABCI members and is designed for professionals in real estate and real estate-related industries as well as potential international investors. The webinars are one of the benefits of FIABCI membership which provide value to our members and facilitates the sharing of expert knowledge and information on a global basis.
The foundation for our discussion will be the “Questionnaire about Principles of Condominium Management,” which was created by Michael von Hauff, FIABCI World Council of Managers President (please see document below).  The questionnaire focuses on the main aspects of condominium management which are compared between different countries.  This document provides a comprehensive understanding of the topic.
For your review, we are also attaching Michael von Hauff’s speech about “International Aspects of Condominium Management,” which was presented in Switzerland.  In the box below you will find links to previous webinars so you will be able to review them and use the information as a point of reference for this upcoming webinar.
The content for the webinar is intense so we usually have three series for each webinar program.  The first series of the webinar will be scheduled for the second half of March.  We will be sending the date and time as well as the information about the speakers shortly.


For those who won’t be able to take part in the webinars, there will be an opportunity to download the recorded webinars later.


With Warm Greetings,
Alexey Smerdev

FIABCI World Council of Managers

Secretary General

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