FIABCI è ufficialmente “innovating partner of UN Global Compact Cities Programme”. E’ partner cioè della più grande iniziativa a livello mondiale organizzata dalle Nazioni Unite sulla Responsabilità Sociale d’Impresa  (corporate social responsibility, CSR)
“The Global Compact Cities Programme (or Cities Programme) is the urban component of the United Nations Global Compact; the world’s largest corporate responsibility initiative.

The United Nations Global Compact recognises that cities, in particular, have the potential to make enormous strides in creating sustainable societies – where economic, ecological, political and cultural issues are integrated and advanced.

To that end, the Global Compact Cities Programme is dedicated to the promotion and adoption of the Global Compact’s Ten UN Principles by cities, and provides a framework for translating the principles into day-to-day urban governance and management.

In the spirit of the United Nations Global Compact, the Cities Programme focuses on collaboration between  all levels of government, business and civil society  – to enhance sustainability, resilience, diversity and adaptation within cities and in the face of complex urban challenges.”

Se ne parlerà ad Andora il 30 luglio:

Verranno organizzati altri incontri sull’argomento mettendo a frutto la fortuna di avere fra i nostri soci Enrico Campagnoli, oltre che Marco Matteini, che da anni si sono impegnati per questa causa.

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