The recognition of excellence in the Real Estate at the international level

FIABCI CERTIFICATE is an exclusive certificate, awarded to FIABCI members who have achieved levels of excellence in their respective fields and have proven to be active actors in the context of the International Real Estate. People are able to demonstrate the skills and experience needed to take action and influence in the International Real Estate .

FIABCI CERTIFICATE is a concrete example of the philosophy of FIABCI “to provide the company with the best solutions in terms of real estate issues”.



Getting the FIABCI CERTIFICATE is therefore a major success and a prestigious award
Only those who meet the stringent criteria, articulated on education, experience and active participation in the activities of FIABCI can obtain the recognition of the expertise in International Real Estate; submission of the application actually reserved for FIABCI members.
In terms of education, the candidate must attend a course of at least forty hours, focused on issues and current trends in the international market, offered at a local level by the collaboration between the national chapters of FIABCI and the leading academic institutions registered as Academic Members.
With regard to the experience in international business, the candidate is required to submit a written report that describes in detail a recent experience in a real estate brokerage, management, evaluation, development, financing and / or advice concerning a client or customer or a foreign ownership. The report will be evaluated by the FIABCI University Committee.
Finally, the national chapter shall certify that the candidate has attended at least two FIABCI world Congress or regional conferences.