Fiabci History

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  • 1945: in France, CNAB (French National Federation of Property Managers ) was born  under the chairmanship of Pierre Colleville, manager animated by a bold vision of international scope of the federation.
  • 1946:First National Congress of CNAB in Paris. With the presence of representatives of Real Estate from North America, Belgium and Switzerland, CNAB provides the evidence base for a future opening to the reality of the world and builds structured relations between European partners.
  • 1948: First International Congress of FIABCI chaired by Pierre Colleville in the presence of delegates from Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Great Britain and Germany. The first International Congress of the Federation, despite its official foundation, took place only three years later, in 1951.
  • 1951:Constitution of the International Federation of Property Managers with the participation of Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and the USA.
  • 1951-1958: In recent years, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Canada enter into the Federation as full members.
  • 1954:On July 21st, the Federation gets special advisory role to Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.
  • 1956:During the International Congress of Vienna is assumed a new name for the Federation: Federation Internationale des Conseils et Agents Administrateurs de Biens Immobiliers ( FIABCI ).
  • 1959: Establishment of a permanent office at the European Community.
  • 1964: At the World Congress of Tel -Aviv is decided to change the name again in the International Real Estate Federation . However, it remains an acronym FIABCI.
  • 2002: FIABCI adopt a new statute and rules.