networking FIABCI was born with a specific philosophy based on fundamental ethical principles, able to unite all members, bringing them together under the umbrella of a shared basic values.

FIABCI is against all forms of discrimination of race, creed, religion, sex, or nationality , and is also very attentive to the ethical aspects of real estate development, boasting a collaboration with the UN, actively participating in major commissions in New York and Geneva and through the Global housing Foundation, a non -profit organization aimed at creating housing for people who live in developing countries.

The main objective of FIABCI is to stimulate the ability and opportunity of doing business, according to the criteria of professionalism, ethics, success and profitability and improve the quality and competitiveness of its members through the sharing of knowledge , information, contacts and business

FIABCI is dedicated to improve the working relationship between public, private and academic sectors with benefits for the entire society:

  • businessFIABCI is against any form of discrimination
  • FIABCI claims that property rights are fundamental to economic systems.
  • FIABCI claims that all human beings deserve a clean and adequate dwelling that is physically safe and healthy.
  • FIABCI is pro-active to trends and changes that affect the real estate industry and the needs of its members.
  • FIABCI gets going for an open and transparent communication.