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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Kristalna Palača

BTC City, 1000 Ljubljana

FIABCI-Slovenia is organising an important Slovene real estate event where four of FIABCI’s National Presidents will officially meet for the first time in Slovenia during FIABCI-Slovenia’s 5th International Regional Real Estate Business Conference which will take place this Thursday, October 22.  FIABCI Chapter Presidents who will participate in the conference program include Jože Podgoršek, FIABCI-Slovenia President; Antonio Campagnoli, FIABCI Regional President for Europe and the Near East and FIABCI-Italy President; Eugen Otto,  FIABCI-Austria President and Laszlo Gönczi, FIABCI-Hungary President.

The purpose of the conference will be to encourage proactive cooperation, networking and exchange of best practises among all real estate business participants in attendance.   Among the attendess will be real estate agents and agencies as well as financial and legal experts, architects, urbanists and construction experts.

The main goal of the conference program will be to create international business opportunities, achieving the highest possible level of doing business in the area of marketing real estate in the region.

Besides the local experts from Slovenia, the conference will also host real-estate experts from Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia, who will present current trends in supply and demand as well as the key investment projects in their real-estate markets.

FIABCI-Slovenia greatly values the knowledge and experience with which our FIABCI members build and create best business practices and kindly invites you to become a part of the biggest real estate event in Slovenia by attending the conference.

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