Thanks to the program  FIABCI PROFESSIONAL EXCHANGE, growth opportunities bloom through international experiences.кку

Dedicated to Real Estate students who are looking for the dream job on the other side of the globe. Designed for young professionals already working in the field and who wish to gain experience in a specific field. Ideal for ambitious professionals who want to improve their language skills and deepen their knowledge of other cultures.


thanks to the spread of FIABCI in more than 60 countries and leaning on dedicated committees, put into contact the demand with the selected countries and organize the exchange program.Over the past five years more than 100 opportunities have been carried out, with students from the United States, Europe and Australia, who had experience in Africa , Asia, USA and Europe.

The project can last from one week up to six months and the positive effects are manifold.

  • We observe and learn how to work our colleagues in Real Estate in other contexts
  • It expands the competence in foreign languages ​​and knowledge of other cultures.
  • It builds a global network , meeting with professionals from all over the world.